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Acharya Ashram

*Chitrakoot Ashram*

Acharya Ashram is one of the most ancient and historical place of nayagaon, chitrakoot. It is believed that when brother Bharata from Ayodhya had come to request Shri Ram for his return to ayodhya from the Vanvasa, Maharshi Vashistji stayed in the same ashram and hence is called as "RAJGURU ASHRAM".

Earlier there was a small hut for the Saint under a peepal vriksh ( Fig tree ) which further developed into a math by a royal family. Early history of the ashram is evident only with the words of the ancestors and old saints, however with the latest available records there were 11 Gaddi
(padadhikaris) completing more than 700 years.

Divine follower of Shri. Ramanuj, Shri Balrama prappannacharya ji rekoned to be ' Bade Maharaj ji ' and with his kind blessings, strict rules towards
dharma and imparting his wisdom & knowledge "Shri Shri 1008 Shri Swami Sankarshan prapannacharya ji rajguru" is the symbolic saint in the country. Since inception this ashram is a Bramhachari Ashram. Followers from all over the world feels blessed visiting the ashram and rajguru. The ashram conducts age old traditional system to impart the religious studies among the poor children around chitrakoot and serve them with their daily food.

The temple seva of Shri Ramkumarji is evident of the age old traditional Rajguru Culture conducting several celebrations round the year.

With the grace of Shri Ramkumarji and Shri Shri Sankarshan Prapannacharyaji, the utaaradhikari of the Acharya asharam Shri Shri Badriprapannacharya ji maharaj has predominantly followed the same tradition along with Sangitmaya Shrimad Bhagwad Katha all over the nation.

*Haridwar Ashram*

Shri Shri 1008 Shri Sankarshan Prapannacharya ji maharaj with the grace of Shri Ramkumar also established Rajguru Ashram in Haridwar. The ashram is known as Vyanketshwar Dham having temple of Shri Tirupati Balaji as key attention. The ashram is developed on the bank of river ganga and attracts
many devotees and followers. The ashram has an artistic beauty of the south that blends, to a great extent in north. It is also equipped with
comfortable AC and Non-AC rooms for the convenient stay of the devotees . The ashram temple has several sevas of Shri Balaji going throughout the day from morning to evening.

The Ashram has good facility for a banquet hall to conduct several religious events including bhagwat.